Weird Dehydration Warning Signs and Natural Treatments

  • Jeffrey Spinner

    The Doc really needs to promote hydration with isotonic* solutions. People using hypotonic solutions, like just WATER, cause they have said since the time docs didn’t “believe” in vitamins… just drink water, is not helping at all. Their excuse is that you get enough salt or electrolytes in your food, and I’d beg to differ. My foods I have access to, do NOT have much if any salt in them. I’m not eating pork rinds, so idk wtf they are always referring to.

    Hypertonic solutions, from anything like snapple to soda to juices, of course keeps you thirsty, they are hypertonic on purpose so you just keep buying more snapple or soda or juice to make money off you.

    My rule I use with myself and my boys is: if you don’t pee at least 5x/day, verify you are drinking enough. Simple. Uniform through exertion and weather. If in doubt drink, thirst usually occurs after you need to drink a lot.

    I can get into the amount of sodium bicarb, salt, fruit juice (instead of dex or glucose, though depends on total carbs) and water to mix, sometimes with a little more potassium (depending on my juice) and zinc…but, given I’m not a doc and can’t legally recommend anything, I’m just not gonna do it. Look at a pedialyte bottle, convert the mmol amounts (don’t be scared, there’s an app for that), verify you keep the solute in the same volume of solvent and viola: 35 cent, one liter homemade pedialyte. Oh, and don’t put an acidic juice if you actually want the bicarb not to be wasted buffering the juice… I’ve found bicarb first fully dissolved then the juice, I was able to get away with even orange juice.

    Before I had made my own pedialyte, I did try various dilutions of stuff like Gateraid, no good.

    Oh, btw, not everything you eat or drink may taste like candy.

    Or you can just drink a ton of water in hot weather while under high physical exertion and wonder why your electrolytes are all fk’d up and occasionally just drop dead, wondering why you felt PVCs or “skipped” beats.

    Even drinking water can kill you if you drink enough.

    At the same time, don’t be like all the girls, lip to nipple of their bottles, like babies suckling. That’s just an oral calming mechanism, and even my mom at 76 does it.

    *I am talking about PO (by mouth) administration not parenteral nutrition (IV) but it still has an obvious affect at least on me, my coworkers who dared to listen and my boys. Example definition background, cause I’m lazy and it’s the first one up:
    www [DOT] registerednursern [DOT] com/isotonic-hypotonic-hypertonic-iv-fluid-solution-overview-for-nursing-students-with-quiz/