Top 9 Cancer-Causing Foods

  • Gil Favor

    i’m just not into 26 minute infomercials. sorry

  • Jeffrey Spinner

    I’m not giving up my Jerk Chicken, that dude must get lung cancer from the smoke he inhales making it.

    What it comes down to, given again, here’s another group of people arguing WITHIN the game, instead of considering rising above it is: Doesn’t matter what you choice, you lose.

    For example. Increase the range of investigation, consider everything that affects you and your body. Change your posture, walk to the top of a mountain and look down. What do you see now?

    I wanted my doc to give me testosterone gel given I’m 52, don’t see my boys alot, so I don’t have a hazard really, and I’d only use it at 1/8th to 1/16th recommended dose. He said get a blood test. I told him I did. The number was in the “normal” range, but I told him the normal range for whom? Castratos? I told him in the early 1900s actual male men, had free testosterone levels 4x higher or more than the millennial poofs today. He said, no way jose! So I showed him studies. I showed him atrazine and other endocrine disruptors being used on the population to chemically castrate them and make them infertile. I said, I want to remediate to the amount I should have had prior to the chemical attack, and I said, exactly why doctor, am I showing you something you should already know? I can’t give CME credits.

    Eat and drink perfectly, your dead. Add exercise, meditate, and have a incredible social support system: you’re dead.

    There is always something you haven’t considered that the think tanks have, that will soft kill you.

    Look around, disprove me, show me people, that just eat right, exercise, and moderate stress and that’s their reason for their success? I’ll show you why you’re wrong.

    Girls, in the end, had it right all along: “Girls just want to have fun.” They are right.

    Only a decade ago did I make a shocking revelation: I didn’t know, I didn’t know, I didn’t know something that was dangerous to me.

    So I always learn, but only because, as Seinfeld once said, “All life is, is wasting time ’till you die.” I still can’t disprove that statement, and I’ve brought ppl back from the dead.