How The Lead Paint Industry Got Away With It

The 69 year delay in banning lead in paint in the U.S. has been attributed to the proud marketing and lobbying efforts of the industry profiting from the poison.

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As soon as I learned about the unfolding crisis in Flint, Michigan I knew I had to take a deep dive into the medical literature to see if there anything these kids might do able to do diet-wise to reduce their body burden.

Most of the time I cover a subject on I’ve addressed it previously, and so I just have to research the new studies published in the interim. But I had never really looked deeply into lead poisoning before, and so was faced with more than a century of science to dig through. Yes I did discover there were foods that could help, but I also learned about cautionary tales like this one about our shameful history with leaded paint. By learning this lesson, hopefully we can put more critical thought into preventing future disasters that can arise when our society allows profits to be placed over people.