Best Supplements For Prostate Cancer

  • Jeffrey Spinner

    Best supplement for cancer? Airline ticket. Go to the southern hemisphere. There is no escape in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s just a matter of time. Look at the Pacific Ocean, read what has happened to what used to live there. Look at the 20 degree hotter ocean around Fuk us shima, and think, think, think, Pooh.

    The Deep Pacific Ocean Is Broken/Dead
    www [DOT] agreenroadjournal [DOT] com/2013/10/the-deep-pacific-ocean-is-brokendead.html

    Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated The Entire Pacific Ocean (And It’s Going To Get Worse)www [DOT] zerohedge [DOT] com/news/2016-10-02/fukushima-radiation-has-contaminated-entire-pacific-ocean-and-its-going-get-worse

    Fukushima radioactive contamination is rapidly warming North Pacific seawater.optimalprediction [DOT] com/fukushima-radioactive-contamination-is-rapidly-warming-north-pacific-seawater/

    I can’t find the article I read that the CDC calculated 45,000 “extra” deaths from pediactric causes (kids are stressed the most by radiation, and may die from various diseases, not just cancers, which I was surprised and remembered) first year of Fukushima “accident.” but I can’t find it again, I will eventually. Maybe it was an academic study, not the CDC…

    If the chemicals you eat, drink, breathe and take as medicines don’t cause your cancer, the radiation will.

    “Girls just want to have fun.” Just be like the girls, you’re already dead.

    The most important thing about the Fake News media, is NOT what they report, but what they dare not mention. The real intractable problems you face, will never be told to you; you, yourself will have to hunt out and find.

    This is where governments rejoice at the human frailty of: You didn’t know, you didn’t know, you don’t know something that CAN hurt you. So you just go about your day, a moderately disgruntled pleb, no threat to the status quo.