10 Foods your liver wants you to consume

  • Jeffrey Spinner

    11. Ginger and/or instead of Garlic, as one aristocratic white male once told me, there was an absolute prohibition of smelling from Garlic, in his social circles and community in Pennsylvania in general, when I once suggested it to him.

    I’ve been taking fresh ginger again for about 2 weeks, both as a paste (when I’m lazy) and as a “tea” and I haven’t felt this good in years.

    I had used ginger and fish oil (one is anti-leukotriene the other anti-eicosanoid) to completely eliminate the asthma my wife had for most of her life in NYC. She was never again hospitalized or needed her albuterol for YEARS. Sx/Sx were eliminated at 6 caps of fish oil/ 1gm ginger caps (my ex-wife was/is lazy) within 2 weeks of supplementation. The suppression was so complete she decided it was a good idea to take up smoking.

    I thought I had eliminated her asthma, but all I did was completely suppress her symptoms. During delivery of my first son, the hospital was able to induce an asthma attack and put my son in jeopardy by finding something she was allergic to: Betadine┬« I had to argue with the hospital staff, then go to my own ambulance to get a NRB mask while I was watching her SpO2 go lower and lower. They said since she hadn’t had an attack in years, she couldn’t be having one now. I said, LOOK AT HER.

    I started to take ginger again, just to falsify a Confucius saying to ‘eat ginger at every meal’ so I take some 3x/day, and at least for me, he may be right! The benefits to me, given your other suggestions are way more profound. I started to get muscle aches and body soreness again as I’ve gotten more fit and been able to train harder now at 52 years old (I was a FDNY Paramedic and I think I may have to be used again in a setting to help Patriots, so I need to be in shape.) I am impressed by the overall anti-inflammatory affects.

    As long as you maintain a high fiber diet, keeping your exposure to Atrazine, which those vegetables you suggest are bathed in (it’s a endocrine disruptor*, the most widespread herbicide in the US (even my doc didn’t know about it, so I provided some CME), and the major cause of chemical castration of men and women: men’s testosterone plummets (fact already publicized), women’s ability to ovulate** is inhibited. This affect occurs with Atrazine exposure at 3 bbp <— yeah, that low, and above)

    Good luck finding ANY vegetable in the US, organic or not, NOT bathed in Atrazine.

    *http://www [DOT temple [DOT] edu/law/tjstel/2005/fall/v24no2-Deb.pdf
    **http://www [DOT] environmentalhealthnews [DOT] org/ehs/newscience/atrazine-acts-in-the-brain-to-disrupt-ovulation